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Hispanic Scholarship Council Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Council Scholarship

I am a first generation college student at UC San Diego, with a bioengineering major and an interest in research. The field of research is my passion as there is something about the unknown that triggers excitement in me. Attending UC San Diego would not be possible without your generous donations and I want to express how grateful I am for this scholarship that allows me to attend such a prestigious University in research. - Carlos Anaya '16, UC San Diego Hispanic Scholarship Council Chancellor's Scholar

Through the UCSD Hispanic Scholarship Council (HSC), you can help a student like Carlos realize otherwise unattainable dreams. With generous donor support, HSC is able to create educational opportunities for young Latino men and women of great promise but limited resources in our region.

A Celebration of Hispanic Achievement and Promise

HSC created annual fundraising for scholarship dollars at the University of California, San Diego. Thanks to our sponsors and participants, the UC San Diego Hispanic Scholarship Council has raised $1 million toward undergraduate scholarships since its founding in 1998, providing support to eighty stellar young men and women. Let's do more.

Opening Doors for Young Latino Scholars

Hispanic Scholarship Council scholarships are a part of the UC San Diego Chancellor's Scholars Program. The Chancellor's Scholarship is awarded to outstanding entering freshmen on the basis of academic achievement and other factors, including financial need, extracurricular and community activities, previous educational environment, and first-generation college attendance. This is a four-year award of $20,000, paid in the amount of $5,000 annually.

HSC scholarships are specifically earmarked for Chancellor's Scholars of Hispanic heritage** who demonstrate financial need of any ethnicity who choose to attend UC San Diego.

Thank you for your gift to the Hispanic Chancellor's Scholarship. I'm a UC San Diego student who, thanks to your contribution, has been able to succeed in college and come closer to my dream of becoming a practicing physician. One day I will be in your shoes, and I will gladly help the next generation as you have so kindly helped me.
Victor Contreras, UC San Diego Hispanic Scholarship Council Chancellor's Scholar

This year, undergraduate students will pay an estimated $31,000 per year for fees, on campus room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other living expenses, which means a UC San Diego degree today costs more than $124,000 -- daunting for any family, and virtually impossible for others without incurring deep debt and forgoing enriching college experiences such as student government, sports and campus events.

Your support creates an opportunity for a student to choose UC San Diego, while populating our campus and community with the very kinds of young people we strive to attract: The Stars. Join us.

** Hispanic scholarship recipients will be chosen through the process of "student-to-fund matching." From each year's group of scholarship recipients, selected with non-preferential criteria, a student who matches the award amount and criteria of the Hispanic Scholarship Council will be given this scholarship. Recipients of the Hispanic Scholarship Council's scholarship will therefore receive aid that is no more and no better than other, equally meritorious students. With this methodology, it cannot be assured that one or more eligible students will be designated each year because the pool may not contain students qualifying for the Hispanic Scholarship Council award, but undisbursed funds in a given year may be held for award in a subsequent year.

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Hispanic Scholarship Council Scholarship