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Meet a few Scholarship Recipients


Sabrina SantilliI was born in Hesperia, California, to Peter and Catherine Santilli. My father's career has moved my family to multiple cities in both California and New York, giving both my sister and me the ability to successfully acclimate to new environments. Throughout high school and junior high experiences I developed a love for the theatre and participated in student government as well. I am now studying History and Law & Society, and intend to pursue a career in law after I graduate from UC San Diego.


It is with sincere heart that I thank you for supporting my education. My objective is to finish a biology major in the next two years accompanied with an Education Studies minor. I will then pursue entrance into the UCSD Graduate Masters in Education/Single Subject Credential Program where I will obtain a masters degree along with a teaching credential one year following my undergraduate graduation. I am very excited for the opportunities that the coming years offer me and I assure you that your generous support has not, and will not, be forgotten. You have placed a great deal of faith in me and I am humbled by your selfless acts of trust. I promise that as I grow and continue to succeed in personal and academic matters, I will work to make you proud and live up to the aspirations that were in your mind when you selected me to be a scholarship recipient. Thank you so much.


Yesenia Davila
Many can right away recognize my name as a Hispanic name. I come from a Mexican family who immigrated to the U.S., specifically Los Angeles, not too long before I was born. Among various extended family members, I am the first to attend a 4-year university, and especially as an older sister, many members of my family see me as a role model. Achieving top ranks in high school and acceptances to institutions like UC San Diego were considered a first among many in my family, and it was something I was very proud of, but it would have meant nothing had I not been able to afford it. Without the financial aid that I have received like this scholarship, I would have never had the opportunity to come this far. I plan to complete a joint major in Mathematics and Economics.


Staff Chris Van Schie

Let me begin by saying thank you so much for helping me continue my education here at UC San Diego. I have decided to pursue a career in forensic pathology rather than viral research, which, given my interest in biology and the law enforcement background in my family, seemed like a natural decision. My plan for the near future is to apply for an internship or volunteer position in either the San Diego Medical Examiner’s Office or the San Diego Crime Lab. While the biological sciences themselves still fascinate me, the application of science, particularly pathology, to criminal justice feels like a better fit for me and what I want to achieve in life. My goal is to be able to use my education and love for science to help those who cannot fight for justice themselves. In short, I would like to thank you for helping me pursue my education at UC San Diego without having to devote extra time and resources during the school year to finding ways to fund my education. I would also like to say thank you very, very much on behalf of my family, especially my grandmother, who worries about my education almost as much as I do, and my mother, who never ceases to light up as she tells anyone who is willing to listen how her daughter is learning this or that at the prestigious UC San Diego. Lastly, I would like to extend thanks on behalf of my fellow scholarship recipients to Union Bank and all scholarship donors for helping us create a better future through education.

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